March 27, 2024

Starting out as an online seller can be a maze of confusion, especially when it comes to marketing your store. With so many promotional techniques out there, it's easy to feel lost.

But fear not! Here's a tip: one of the most effective marketing strategies for your online store is the classic "Buy One Get One Free" deal, often abbreviated as BOGO. Loved by customers and sellers alike, BOGO promotions pack a punch for a reason.

In this blog post, we'll dive into what makes a BOGO offer successful and whether it's the right fit for your business. Additionally, we'll dissect five different types of BOGO promotions that you can deploy to skyrocket sales in your online store.

What Does BOGO Sale Mean?

BOGO, short for "Buy One Get One Free," or sometimes "BOGOF," is a powerful sales promotion strategy wherein customers receive a free or discounted product upon purchasing another item.

Retailers love BOGO promotions for their ability to drive sales of the featured products. Not only do they entice customers to make a purchase, but they also draw attention to other items in the store. This spotlight can be particularly beneficial for clearing out dead stock or giving a boost to overall sales.

Barnes & Noble runs a BOGO promotion on workbooks and flashcards

Customers are drawn to "Buy One Get One Free" promotions because they perceive them as excellent value for their money. In fact, some savvy shoppers actively seek out BOGO coupons online before making significant purchases!

However, it's crucial to note that BOGO promotions should typically run for specific time periods. This approach creates a sense of urgency, motivating customers to make a purchase. By implementing a flash sale strategy, you prevent customers from becoming accustomed to discounted prices, maintaining the promotional impact.

5 Types of “Buy One Get One Free” Promotions

Now, let's explore the versatility of "Buy One Get One Free" offers and how they can captivate customers.

BOGO promotions come in various forms, offering flexibility for online sellers. Below, we'll delve into five distinct types of BOGO promotions that can elevate sales in your online store. Additionally, we'll provide some inspiring BOGO examples to spark your creativity.

Buy One Get One Half Price

Utilizing a "Buy One Get One 50% Off" deal can be particularly effective, especially if you have a standout bestseller in your store. This tactic is ideal for enticing customers who may have been on the fence about trying your popular product. With BOGO Half Off promotions, customers are incentivized to purchase more of your renowned item, potentially falling in love with it and becoming repeat buyers in the future.

Barnes & Noble’s “BOGO 50% Off” offer for kids books

Buy One from Category A and Get One from Category B for Free

Pairing products from different categories can create an enticing offer, especially for seasonal items and specific target audiences. For instance, consider a "Back to School BOGO" promotion tailored to students and their parents.

An important condition to keep in mind is that the second item in the promotion should be of equal or lesser value. This approach ensures that you maintain profitability, potentially exceeding your profit margin while still offering a compelling deal to your customers.

Beauty Bay offers a free product when customers buy an item from a certain category

Buy One and Get Free Samples

Offering free samples is a smart strategy that allows customers to experience your products firsthand. While these samples may appear to be gifts, it's essential to view them as investments in your business. By providing samples, you're not only delighting your customers but also creating potential future demand for your products.

Consider including exclusive samples from your new product line to introduce them to your customers. This approach can generate excitement and interest in your latest offerings, paving the way for future sales and customer loyalty.

Sephora offers free samples for orders over $35

Offering short samples of your ebooks is a fantastic strategy to attract more readers. Unlike full copies, samples are less susceptible to theft, copying, or illegal distribution. By providing snippets of your content, you entice readers with a taste of what your ebook has to offer.

If readers enjoy the sample content, they're more likely to return and purchase the complete book. This approach not only increases the visibility of yournebook but also encourages genuine interest and engagement from potential readers.

Buy Three for the Price of Two

This promotion is among the most popular variations of "Buy One Get One Free." It's versatile across various product types and offers a compelling deal for customers. To ensure clarity, keep the terms simple: pair items with similar prices. This approach simplifies perception and reduces hesitation, making the offer even more enticing.

Cult Beauty runs the “3 for 2” deal on products from a certain category

Buy Item X and Get % Off on Item Y

This strategy is simple to execute and works well for industries with complementary products, such as sports, beauty, or electronics.

For instance, you could offer a discount of 30% on shoe cleaners when customers purchase a pair of sneakers. This type of promotion effectively drives sales of accessories and complementary products, enhancing overall profitability.

African fashion house offers special buy 2 get 1 free

We've outlined the most common types of BOGO promotions, but feel free to customize them to suit your store's needs. Here's a simple idea: invite your customers to purchase four products for the price of three. This straightforward promotion offers added value to your customers while encouraging them to buy more from your store.

Is a BOGO Promotion Right for Your Store?

"Buy One Get One Free" promotions can be powerful tools for boosting sales and fostering customer loyalty. However, they may not be suitable for every store. Here's a guide to determine which products are best suited for BOGO offers:

  1. Replenishable Items: Products that customers regularly need to replenish, such as body creams or household essentials, are excellent candidates for BOGO promotions. Customers are more likely to stock up on these items when offered a free or discounted second product.
  2. Complementary Products: Consider pairing products that complement each other well. For example, if you sell clothing, offering a BOGO deal on shirts and pants can encourage customers to purchase complete outfits.
  3. Products for Pairing: Opt for items that are usable in pairs or sets. Instead of offering two similar jackets, consider promoting two pairs of socks for the price of one. This approach adds value for customers and increases the likelihood of a sale.
  4. High Margin Products: Aim to include products with at least a 50% profit margin in your BOGO offers. The profit margin represents the difference between the cost of the product and its selling price. Including items with higher margins ensures that your promotion remains profitable, even after accounting for costs

It's crucial to ensure that the total price of your BOGO deal aligns with what customers are willing to pay. To determine this, consider your average order value as a benchmark and aim to slightly exceed it for the deal. This approach helps ensure that the offer resonates with customers while maximizing the value they receive from their purchase.

How to Run a BOGO Promotion in an Online Store

Now that you understand the concept of "Buy One Get One Free" and how to leverage it effectively, let's get practical.

To set up a successful BOGO promotion in your online store, ensure that your ecommerce platform supports these types of discounts. Platforms like Rekisa offer robust features for running various BOGO promotions.

With Rekisa's flexible settings, you can create different types of BOGO offers. Whether it's offering a discount on the same product, a different product, or products within specific categories, Rekisa allows you to tailor your promotions to suit your business needs. Simply define the conditions, such as the quantity of products required for the promotion and the discount percentage, and Rekisa takes care of the rest, making it easy to implement BOGO deals that drive sales and delight customers.

The BOGO offer applied at checkout in an Rekisa store

To implement a BOGO promotion in your Rekisa store, start by installing the "Buy One Get One Free: Sales Promotions" app from the Rekisa App Market. The app offers a free trial, allowing you to test BOGO offers and assess their effectiveness for your store.

Once installed, follow these simple steps to set up your BOGO promotion:

  • Install the "Buy One Get One Free: Sales Promotions" app from the Rekisa App Market.
  • Configure the app settings according to your preferences and business needs.
  • Create your first BOGO deal by specifying the conditions, such as the qualifying products, discount type, and duration of the promotion.
  • Save your settings and activate the BOGO promotion in your Rekisa store.

In addition to BOGO promotions, Rekisa offers a range of other promotional tools to enhance your online store's marketing efforts. These include automated marketing emails, discount coupons, social media advertising, and more.

Sign up for Rekisa today and unlock a powerful suite of ecommerce tools designed to simplify your online selling journey and drive growth for your business.

Best Practices for BOGO Promotions

To maximize the effectiveness of your "Buy One Get One Free" deals, keep the following best practices in mind:

  1. Strategic Timing: Time your BOGO promotions strategically to coincide with peak shopping periods, such as the holiday season or major events like Black Friday. Capitalize on these opportunities to maximize sales and attract more customers.
  2. Transparent Communication: Clearly communicate the conditions of your BOGO deals to your customers in advance. Provide details about which products are eligible for the promotion and any specific terms or limitations.
  3. Careful Product Selection: Choose your BOGO products thoughtfully, ensuring they complement each other and resonate with your target audience. Select items that offer value and appeal to customers' needs and preferences.
  4. Avoid Promotion Overload: Be mindful not to overwhelm your customers by running too many BOGO promotions simultaneously. Too many deals at once can confuse shoppers and dilute the impact of your offers. Focus on quality over quantity.
  5. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly monitor your sales data to evaluate the performance of your BOGO deals. Adjust your promotions as needed based on customer response and sales trends. If certain products are already selling well, consider scaling back on BOGO offers for those items and focusing on other opportunities.

By following these practices, you can ensure that your "Buy One Get One Free" promotions are well-executed and contribute to the success of your online store.

Run Your First BOGO Promotion

"Buy One Get One Free" promotions offer a multitude of benefits for businesses, from increasing sales to clearing excess inventory and attracting new customers. When implemented effectively, BOGO deals can significantly contribute to achieving your business objectives and improving your bottom line.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of BOGO promotions and access to user-friendly tools like the Buy One Get One Free: Sales Promotions app, you're well-equipped to leverage these promotions to your advantage. Take advantage of your newfound knowledge and dive into running BOGO promotions with confidence. With the right approach, you can harness the power of BOGO deals to propel your business forward and achieve success in the competitive ecommerce landscape.