June 11, 2024

As an entrepreneur in South Africa, balancing the multitude of responsibilities and tasks needed to maintain your business's momentum is crucial. With competition intensifying across various sectors, it's essential to streamline your business processes for better efficiency.

AI-based tools offer a transformative solution by automating tedious and labor-intensive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on strategic growth. In this blog, we'll explore some AI tools that are particularly effective in the South African context, and provide practical tips on how to integrate them effectively into your business operations.

What Are AI-Based Tools?

When we discuss artificial intelligence (AI), the term that often surfaces is 'machine learning'. This technology involves sophisticated software algorithms that learn from data and improve their performance over time. Machine learning is at the core of many tools that we use daily, often without realizing they are AI-driven—like search engines, online shopping platforms, and movie streaming services.

In recent years, AI-based tools have surged in popularity. Their appeal is evident: AI can simplify life by taking over mundane tasks, freeing up humans to tackle more complex and engaging challenges.

For small business owners, particularly in the dynamic South African market, a myriad of daily operations can be automated. From crafting product descriptions and designing advertisements to generating email content, these repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be managed by AI, allowing you to focus on broader business objectives. AI tools are designed to handle routine activities efficiently and swiftly, enabling you to concentrate on the more innovative and strategic aspects of your business.

Next, let's explore how AI-based tools can enhance and streamline your online selling process.

AI Tools for Writing Product Descriptions

For any online store, particularly those in the bustling South African eCommerce scene, product descriptions play a pivotal role. They provide the essential information customers need to make informed purchase decisions. Yet, crafting these descriptions can be a laborious task, especially for businesses with extensive product inventories.

Fortunately, AI-based tools can significantly expedite this process. By simply inputting a few crucial details about a product, these tools can generate comprehensive and engaging descriptions in just minutes. These generated texts can either be used as they stand or can be fine-tuned to better match your brand’s voice.

Below are some AI tools that can revolutionize the way you create product descriptions:

Magic Write by Canva

This versatile AI text generator excels in crafting a variety of copy, with its proficiency in creating product descriptions standing out particularly. Here's an example of its capability:


This AI-powered text generator is freely available and adept at creating product descriptions. It also excels in generating social media captions, advertisement copy, and content for websites and blogs.

AI Tools for Enhancing Product Images

High-quality product images are crucial for increasing conversions in eCommerce by making the products appear more appealing and realistic. AI-based image editing tools can significantly enhance your product photos. They automatically adjust brightness, contrast, colors, and other parameters without any manual intervention.

AI technology simplifies the process, ensuring consistent and professional results across all your images, even without specialized knowledge in photography or image editing software.


This AI tool helps you refine your product images by removing unwanted objects, imperfections, or even people from the scene. It offers a hassle-free way to achieve the perfect visuals for your products.

Here is a product picture before using Cleanup.Pictures:

Here's the same product image, now with a cleaned-up background:

AI Image Enlarger and Enhancer

This AI toolkit empowers you to significantly enhance your images within seconds. It allows you to sharpen out-of-focus pictures while maintaining clarity, and effortlessly adjust colour tones and lighting balance. Additionally, it includes features for removing background clutter, noise, or unwanted elements.


AI Tools for Writing Ecommerce Copy

Crafting marketing copy for social media, emails, advertisements, and websites is a crucial yet challenging task for any business. You need compelling copy to introduce new products or services. However, generating engaging ideas can be tough, especially when time or resources are limited.

Fortunately, AI-based copywriting tools are available to help you produce captivating copy that connects with potential customers. These tools can efficiently create content that resonates with your audience, streamlining your marketing efforts.


ChatGPT became an instant sensation after its release as a free research preview to the public. Simply input text prompts, whether they are questions or instructions, and ChatGPT will generate text in any format, from social media content to blog posts.

Check out this poem ChatGPT crafted about Rekisa:


Jasper.ai is an AI-powered content writing platform designed to assist business owners and entrepreneurs in creating content for social media, websites, blogs, SEO, ads, and emails with ease. If you maintain a blog for your business, Jasper.ai can be particularly useful. It aids in devising blog post outlines, rewriting content, and generating content ideas.

Additionally, Jasper.ai offers an AI image generator feature to produce visuals for your social media, emails, or website.

Remember, AI-powered copywriting tools provide options to adjust the tone and voice of your text. Utilize these settings to tailor the copy to fit your brand’s unique style.

AI Tools for Generating Images and Videos

It's hard to imagine marketing a product online without visuals. Just as written content is crucial for marketing campaigns, images and videos are indispensable for showcasing your products effectively.

Image and video generators are extremely useful for this purpose. AI-based tools enable you to create custom images, infographics, and videos from scratch within minutes.


Dall-E 2

Developed by OpenAI—the same artificial intelligence research lab behind ChatGPT—Dall-E 2 is a powerful AI tool that transforms text prompts into various types of digital graphics, including images, photos, drawings, and paintings. Whatever you can describe, Dall-E 2 can visualize.

For those in the print-on-demand business, where products are made as they are ordered, Dall-E 2 offers a valuable resource for creating unique designs for your products.


This AI-powered video creation tool makes it effortless to produce educational, marketing, or business videos with just a few clicks. It is user-friendly and operates on a simple drag-and-drop principle, making video production accessible to everyone.


AI Tool for Designing a Brand

Managing marketing assets can be daunting. It's crucial that your visuals are not only cohesive and representative of your brand but also distinguish your brand from competitors. This task can be quite exhausting!

AI-based tools for branding can greatly assist business owners by automating the creation of logos, business cards, letterheads, and more. With just a few clicks, these tools can save you time and simplify the branding process.


This innovative tool streamlines branding for your business. Utilizing AI, Looka crafts remarkable and unique logos and branded materials that embody your company's distinctive identity and message. Ideal for those who find design challenging, this tool effortlessly generates personalized marketing materials, including business cards, brand kits, and social media templates.

If you're managing an online store with Rekisa, consider exploring the Looka app available in the Rekisa App Market.

Create dozens of designs for all kinds of branded materials in minutes

AI Tools for Improving Customer Support

Providing excellent customer service is essential for any business, but managing multiple customer communication channels can be challenging when you're also juggling other tasks.

AI-based tools can automate many customer service processes, freeing business owners from the need to manually handle emails or messages. These tools are particularly effective for resolving straightforward issues, such as providing shipping details and other routine customer service communications.


AI-Powered Chatbots

Various AI chatbots can offer immediate and 24/7 initial support, effectively reducing the volume of common inquiries and order-tracking questions in your inbox.

In the Rekisa App Market, you can choose from a range of customer support chatbots, such as Tidio, Chaport, Desku, and others. These chatbots can autonomously handle frequently asked questions about products, refunds, and shipping. They also keep customers updated on their orders around the clock, while directing more complex queries to you for personal attention.

AI Tool for Automating Video Marketing

Video marketing has become ubiquitous. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have made the vertical video format a staple in digital advertising. You'll find marketing videos across all major social platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Due to their widespread appeal, video ads often capture more consumer attention.

For more insights, check out our article on the popularity of TikTok and the effectiveness of vertical video advertising.

For business owners, the impact of video marketing cannot be overlooked. Thankfully, AI tools have simplified and expedited the video creation process.



This tool enables you to publish or schedule video content across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. It helps broaden your reach and cultivate an engaged audience.

In essence, you can transform a single video into 15 different pieces of content and have them published automatically, saving you countless hours each week.

Can You Rely 100% on AI Tools?

While AI-based tools can significantly streamline various tasks associated with running an online store, it's crucial not to depend entirely on them. These tools should be viewed as assistants rather than replacements for human employees. Despite their capabilities, they lack the essential human touch needed in certain areas like customer service or creative brainstorming.

The best approach is to use AI tools as aids or starting points for your own idea generation.

For instance, you might use Jasper.ai to quickly generate some SEO copy, such as titles and meta descriptions for your product pages. Afterwards, you can refine this content to ensure it aligns with your product's specifics and your brand's voice.

Jasper.ai has many templates for ecommerce businesses

Optimizing AI-Generated Facebook Ad Copy

When using AI to generate Facebook ad copy, it's important to ensure that it adheres to the platform’s guidelines for ad texts. This includes respecting character limits for the primary text, headline, and description.


Prompts for AI-Powered Tools

Many AI-based tools, such as ChatGPT and Jasper.ai, operate using prompts. These are keywords, phrases, or questions that you provide to inform the AI about the task you want it to perform. For instance, you might use a prompt like, “Generate Google Ads headlines and taglines for advertising my product (include a short description of your product).”

To enhance your use of AI tools, consider downloading AI prompt templates that are specifically designed for business-related tasks. These can help streamline the process and improve the relevance and quality of the outputs.

Utilizing AI-Powered Tools as a Business Owner

These are just some of the prompts that can help you harness the potential of AI-powered tools effectively. To maximize the benefits of your chosen tool, it’s worthwhile to explore its capabilities thoroughly and experiment with various prompts to discover what yields the best results for you.



Utilizing AI-based tools is an excellent strategy for busy online sellers and entrepreneurs to save time while maintaining high-quality output. These tools are powerful yet user-friendly, allowing individuals of all experience levels to generate content quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality or precision.

However, it's crucial to use these tools as supplements rather than complete solutions. Integrating them as aids in your creative process ensures your content retains a necessary human touch while benefiting from advanced technological capabilities.

Now, the next step is yours to take—explore and identify AI-based tools that could elevate your business operations!

Originally sourced from Ecwid by Lightspeed